I collect and press the plants using traditional herbarium techniques. This process is both scientific and artistic to me.  While historically plant explorers would use drawings to document specimens, I like modernizing this tradition by using state of the art digital technology to record a plant as accurately as possible. 

I then explore the local flea markets and traditional craft and food markets to incorporate regional iconography.  When possible, I contact traditional healers to record and preserve the medicinal and spiritual uses of the plant. 

With the onsite research concluded, I return to my studio to further research the life history of the plants chosen, and execute the finished works.  Depending on the number of plants selected, these projects could take anywhere from six months to a year to complete.

I can offer the following merchandise to support this exhibition:

o   An exhibition of framed original works

o   A catalog (hyperlink) documenting the project and the inspiration behind each piece

o   An archival reproduction poster (hyperlink)

o   A handmade clamshell portfolio (hyperlink) of 16x11”  reproductions of the work

Please inquire about additional collateral material as it relates to your project.