Amazon Basin, Peru

Amazon Basin, Peru


An important part of my work is collaborating with botanical gardens, environmental organizations and nature preserves to document the plants unique to their property by creating work that is both educational and entertaining. I love it when my work can both benefit nature conservation and engage the public in furthering our shared goals of the study and preservation of plant knowledge.

How it works

Typically these projects are commissioned, but I have also planned projects in regions that are of particular interest to me and found local working partners. Commissioned projects begin with my meeting on site with an organization’s naturalist or botany director. Together we determine the theme of the project and a list of plants central to the story being told. A show at Bartram’s Garden, for example, needed to include the Franklinia Tree that is in the garden.  John Bartram discovered the tree in the wilds of what is now Georgia, and named it after his good friend Benjamin Franklin. Read More...

Project Partners