American Chestnut with Train   

archival reproduction 24 x 18 ;  $125

This piece by artist MF Cardamone was inspired by the majestic American Chestnut Tree, and its namesake, the historic town of Chestnut Hill, PA. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this reproduction will benefit Chestnut Hill Community Fund - Re-Tree Chestnut Hill.  Available for purchase at Profiles Fine Art Printmaking Studio in Chestnut Hill, PA.  Call for details: 215-242-1404

About the Artist

By blending elements of 18th and 19th-century botanical illustrations with the imaginative randomness of Surrealist collage methods, artist MF Cardamone creates playful interpretations of the intersection of nature, taxonomy, and popular culture.  Cardamone collects plant specimens and combines them with images and words, resulting in complex visual narratives that reveal the science, history, and beauty of her subjects.